Compostela Valley State College

Compostela Valley State College

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THE CIRCLE SHAPE AND THE ROPE Represents the entirety and oneness of the institution and the products.
THE LIGHTED TORCH Represents the educational process that radiates its importance to the society particularly in Compostela Valley. The torch also represents the bright future of the youth through CVSC.
THE LAUREL LEAVES Represents CVSC’s educational excellence and integrity.
THE BLUE COLOR Represents peace and the strength of the academe.
THE YELLOW COLOR Also represents the bright future of both the youth and the academe.
THE GREEN COLOR Represents the abundance of Compostela Valley as an agricultural area.
THE BOOK Represents learning and knowledge.
THE MICROSCOPE Represents the area of research which is vital to progress and development.
THE OPEN HANDS Represents the helping hand of the institution through extension and community services.


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Address: P-10, Poblacion, Compostela, Compostela Valley Province
Mobile: Smart 0929-169-5328
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