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Acquaintance Party 2016: One Memorable Night

Posted by Glenn Bolaño on July 7, 2016 9:58 am

IMPROMPTU. Members of the CVSC non-teaching personnel show off their dance moves in an unrehearsed presentation during the Acquaintance Party 2016 last July 7.

One night. Three colleges. Countless memories.

Compostela’s municipal gymnasium transformed, at least for one memorable evening, into a room filled with music reverberating in the air, countless laughter and friendly chatter, and friendships strengthened and created. At exactly seven P.M. last July 7, 2016, like nomads flocking to where food is, students of Compostela Valley State College (CVSC) main campus congregated inside the gym. After all, it was the highly anticipated 2016 Acquaintance Party.

Once one steps inside the spacious edifice, it suddenly feels like stepping foot on an entirely different corner of the world. Inside the bosom of a municipality known more for its serenity and the voiceless hush of the nights, the gym was filled with dancing strobe lights, ear-splitting and booming music, and most of all, electrified students. As one’s eyes try to probe the typically noiseless structure, cheerful smiles can easily be seen infecting everyone, yes, like a virus.

Clad in classy black-and-white themed garbs, CVSC students, faculty, and staff from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education (CASE), College of Agriculture (COA), and College of Business Education (COBE) converged inside the municipal gymnasium for an occasion that will surely be etched into the psyche of everyone. Not only was the affair memorable, it also provided the attendees with the perfect avenue to build friendships and create lasting memories with tables provided for them to chat and ‘chill’. Food stations were also spread out in the sprawling gym, where delectable cuisines and finger foods were offered and can be munched by the populace of CVSC for free.

The program commenced with a prayer and singing of the national anthem. Afterwards, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Roque N. Langcoy II, introduced the members of the faculty. Boisterous cheers then ensued when the instructors showed off their well-kept dancing prowess as they grooved to the tune of the pop phenomenon “Trumpets” song. Not to be outdone, after being introduced by Human Resources Office (HRO) head Mrs. Janice Hermocilla, the non-teaching staff of the college also flaunted their flamboyant moves on the dancefloor which also drew thunderous cheers from the spectating students. However, the spotlight rested on the show stopper, CVSC President Dr. Christie Jean Ganiera who gamely grooved with both the faculty and staff.

Subsequently, Pres. Ganiera led the oath taking of the different student organizations. It was followed by handing out certificates of recognition for exceptional students who were part of the Dean’s (1.51-1.75 general weighted average) or Vice-President’s (1.26-1.50 GWA) list. This proved that the party was not merely a simple gala for acquaintance but also a celebration of the students’ extra-curricular engagements and achievements.

PROUD PRESIDENT. CVSC President Dr. Christie Jean Ganiera congratulates a student who made it to the Dean’s list.

Then, the lights turned to the thrilling part of the occasion.

       The Acquaintance Party featured three events: search for Mr. and Ms. Fresh New Face, Dance Craze Competition, and Mr. and Ms. Black and White. All the events were surefire crowd-pullers. The students especially cheered for the Fresh New Face which showcased the head turners from the freshmen students. The Dance Craze tilt, meanwhile, reaped a collective booming frenzy from the crowd as CVSC students flashed their dancing flair to the tune of modern day dance fads. Lastly, the dazzling students who faculty who showed off their exquisite black and white themed outfit were recognized.

      Led by the very game and groovy president and VPAA, the faculty, staff, and students stormed the dancefloor and danced their way to end the night. The municipal gym witnessed as a myriad of smiles, a plethora of newfound acquaintances, and an innumerable sum of memories invaded and raved in its heart. However, as they always do, Dr. Langcoy and Dr. Ganiera once again became the stars of the night when they shared an idyllic dance, to the awe of mesmerized spectators.

       Every single person who attended the Acquaintance Party 2016 will surely be led by their foot home, but their minds stuffed with moments worth remembering. It was something they will be silently reminisced as a blissful hiatus from their stressful academic responsibilities.

      It was just for one night with three colleges. But it encompassed countless memories.




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